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Electrical and fire safety audit

  • Identification of Electrical Hazards (shocks, fire, explosions Etc.)
  • Review of protection devices & system of the electrical installation.
  • Review of major cables on sampling basis capacity and sizing.
  • Survey of factory Lightening Protection System if applicable.
  • Survey of Earthing System (Maintenance Aspects).
  • Review of Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program through document review.
  • Examination of hand tools and Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) being used by the factory employee’s.
  • Identification of Hot Spot at Electrical Panels by the state of the art instrument Thermal Imager.
  • Review of system handling electrical and fire accidents in the factory.
  • Review of awareness amongst factory employees towards Electrical and Fire Safety.
  • To check the compliance against legal & statutory requirement (Electrical Safety Aspects) as per the applicable standards as below;
    Bangladesh National Building Code- 2006, 2010 NFPA 70: NEC Edition 2011
  • Analysis of observation vis-à-vis regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Identification of gaps and gap analysis.