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Building integrity assessment

  • Stage 1: Visual Inspection: Scope of work in this phase includes the following-
  • Task 1: Review existing building documents and proposed building plan
  • Step 1: Collect necessary documents from client and review the documents
  • Step 2: Evaluate soil test report
  • Step 3: Assess whether the building comply with the building design documents provided by client. Analyze in detail foundation, column and necessary structural components of the building.
  • Task 2: Site visit and visual inspection
  • Step 1: Visit the site
  • Step 2: Identification of any structural defect or deterioration of building
  • Step 3: Report with recommendation
  • Stage 2: Full investigation:
  • Full investigation is required if sufficient documentation is not found during stage 1. Full investigation may include the following activities based on the availability of documentation-
    1. Tests
      • Tensile strength test of rebar
      • Rebar scanning
      • Concrete Strength test with rebound hammer
      • Core test for column and beam concrete strength
      • Soil test
    2. Preparation of Drawing
      • Preparation of as-built layout drawings
      • Preparation of as built structural system
      • Preparation of as-built foundation system
      • Preparation of slab reinforcement details
    3. Structural analysis
      • Deflection study of the structure
      • Study on the adequacy of beam
      • Study on the adequacy of column
      • Study on the adequacy of footing
      • Study on the adequacy of slab