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Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are specialized services offered by experts to help businesses improve their performance and solve specific problems. These services can range from management consulting to financial consulting and more. By leveraging the expertise of consultants, businesses can gain valuable insights, develop effective strategies, and optimize their operations to achieve their goals. With customized solutions tailored to meet specific business needs, consultancy services can be a game-changer for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive marketplace. Choose the right consultancy partner and unlock the potential of your business today

➝ New Design

Design of New Building/Road/Bridges. New design projects support services include from feasibility study to the construction supervision works. We are also working as a consultant of Green Projects to achieve LEED certification from USGBC. Our company is collaboratively working with “Energysolve International” as Srilankan consultancy firm to support LEED certification projects.

➝ Assessment of Existing Structure

ECLECTIC offers civil engineering, electrical and mechanical inspections for all possible constructions within the infrastructure and public space. The depth and complexity of inspection can vary from inspection of a small object to inspection of the entire structure at manual distance at the largest objects in the main road network. The Inspection team is capable of carrying out technical inspections for civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines.  ECLECTIC can deploy the right people for virtually every challenge.

➝ Repair, Retrofitting Consultancy

Our specific knowledge in the field of building defects, damage repair, quality tests and technical determination of structures is fed, supported and strengthened by specialist materials research by destructive and non-destructive testing facilities. Our employees also have advanced measuring equipment in the field that can visualize the unique material properties of building components to be examined. We go beyond the high level of abstraction of the advice of most competitors and offer our customers practical answers to their often (technically and financially) pressing questions.

➝ Energy and Environmental Conservation

Impact Assessment (EIA, TIA etc), Energy Audit, Electrical Safety Audits are done frequently by our company. We have 2 certified energy auditors in our expert team who are involved in energy conservation works with the industries.

Construction and Project Implementation

Construction : Construction involves the process of building structures, typically involving the use of materials, tools, and labor to bring a design to life.

Project Implementation : Project implementation refers to the execution of a plan or strategy, involving the coordination of resources, personnel, and activities to achieve specific goals within a specified timeframe.

➝ New building construction

Our key interest is to go for turn key construction. Our design and construction team is equipped with modern tools and technologies and professionalism to give best ideas and solution to the clients.

➝ New projects implementation

Our key interest is to go for turn key construction. Our design and construction team is equipped with modern tools and technologies and professionalism to give best ideas and solution to the clients.

➝ Interior Decoration works

Interior design and decoration works are done only for exclusive projects.

➝ Repair and Retrofitting construction works

We adopted modern techniques and tools for doing repair and retrofitting of structures. We have expertise in crack injection, FRP application, Concrete Jacketing, Steel structure strengthening, repair of damaged structures, repair and restrenghthening of bridges and buildings etc.

  1. Retrofitting construction works by column jacketing method
  2. Retrofitting construction works of steel structure
  3. Retrofitting construction by CFRP plate and laminates
  4. Waterproofing works
  5. Concrete crack repair by high pressure injection machine
  6. Retrofitting and repair works of Bridges

Testing Services

Testing services are crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications, websites, and other digital products.With a wide range of testing techniques and tools, testing services help businesses identify and fix issues before they can impact users and damage brand reputation.

➝ Concrete Test (Destructive and Non-Destructive)

  1. Concrete compressive strength – Nondestructive test.
  2. Concrete quality, strength, crack depth identification – Nondestructive test.
  3. Concrete core sample collection for destructive testing.
  4. Steel or metal thickness identification

Testing equipment : Rebound hammer – ZCE-A Concrete Testing Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Analyzer (UPV) – Controls 58-E4900, Core Cutting Tool – Hilti DD200 and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge .

➝ Ferro scanning

  1. Concrete quality, strength, crack depth identification – Nondestructive test
  2. Identify the rebar embedded in existing RCC members

Testing equipment : Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Analyzer (UPV) – Controls 58-E4900, Rebar scanner – Hilti PS 200, Rebar Scanner – Hilti PS 38

➝ Earth resistance, Insulation and Thermal test for electrical system

  1. Thermographic survey of Electrical system.
  2. Temperature measurement.
  3. Earth resistance test (Applicable in both on-load and off-load condition)
  4. Insulation Resistance Test of Cables.
  5. Volt, Ampere, resistance meter

Testing equipment : Thermal Imager – Fluke TI110, Infrared Thermometer – BENETECH GM320, Earth Ground Clamp (on-load) – Fluke 1630, Earth tester (off-load) – UNI-T UT521, Insulation Resistance Tester – UNI-T UT501A and UT501B, Clamp-on Multimeter – UNI-T UT203.

➝ Flue gas analysis

  1. Light intensity measurement.
  2. Noise level measurement

Testing equipment : Smart Sensor – Digital Lux Meter AS823, Smart Sensor – Digital Sound Level Meter AR844.


Supply refers to the amount of goods or services that are available for consumption or purchase. It is influenced by factors such as production costs, technology, and competition.

➝ Construction chemicals (BASF)

  • Distributor of BASF Bangladesh Ltd. for construction Chemicals

➝ Formworks/Shutter (Plastic Formwork)

  • Distributor PP Shutter/Plastic Formwork solution) for concrete casting manufactured by Jet Formwork and Scaffolding SDN. BHD (Malaysian Company)

... Sheet piles/ Shore Piles

... Construction Equipment

Other Services


Construction Works

Land development
Civil Construction
Steel structure fabrication and erection.

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Architectural & Engineering

Architectural design & drawing
Structural design and drawing
Plumbing and sanitary design and drawing.

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Electrical and fire safety audit

Identification of Electrical Hazards
Review of protection devices
Review of major cables.

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Mechanical Works

Supply of Thermic fluid boilers
Installation of Thermic fluid boilers
Seasoning plants.

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Building integrity assessment

Visual Inspection
Site visit and visual inspection
Report with recommendation

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Environmental and Eco Audit

Eco Audit
EMS development
Policy, procedure development for EMS

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Interior Dec. Works

Fit out works
Supply of furniture
Electrification works.

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Energy audit

Electricity load profile analysis
Analysis of Specific energy consumption
Process modification.

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Business Development

Market feasibility study
Prepare the business plan
Prepare the BOQ.

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